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SECONDS SALE!!!! All of these Pins have minor or major flaws in them which is why they are at a reduced price.

Under the stairs door 
Luna Radish
Hagrids Hut
Dementor Chocolate
Furry Problem
Ministry of magic memo
Cat butt
White Deathly Hallows
Green Deathly Hallows
Yellow Deathly Hallows
Red Deathly Hallows
Blue Deathly Hallows
Great Hall Door
Marauders Map
Whomping Willow
Platform 9 & 3/4
Grand Staircase
Queenies Umbrella
Umbridges' Memo
Coco Day of the Dead
Witch Crystal Lavender Hand
Animal Crossing DIY
Anti-Bad Vibe Potion
Self Love Spell Jar
Luck Charm Potion
Giggle Water
Patronus Stag
Ministry Howler
Harry and Hagrid Over The Moon
Glitter White Deathly Hallows
Resurrection Stone
Harry and the Scar
Dobby and the Sock
Hagrid and the Umbrella
Twins and the Fireworks
McGonagal and the Cat
Luna and the Dirigible Plum
Snape and the Doe
Draco and the Ferret
Hermione and the Book
Mr Weasley and the Rubber Duck
Lupin and the Wolf
Cedric and the Tri-Wizard Cup
Slytherin Snake
Gryfindor Lion
Ravenclaw Raven
Hufflepuff Badger
Granger Google
Rita Skeeter
Glitter Purple Ministry of Magic Memo
Glitter Pink Umbridge Ministry of Magic Memo
Haunted Weasley Burrow
Pickett on a Plane
Fraser to my Sassenach
King George Hamilton
Hei Hei
Three Bears


The Materials - 

All of my enamel pins come with an 85mm x 55mm backing card and a yellow rubber pin clasp. Any pins classed as seconds may have some of the following - dust in enamel, chunks of missing enamel, general light damage.

Postage & Packaging -

Each enamel pin in my shop comes in a recyclable bright yellow box, they will be kept safe from damage in a compostable cellophane bag to avoid scratches and backing card to add that little more structure. They will then be wrapped in some tissue paper so it is like a gift to yourself or is ready just to gift to a friend. 

All packaging can be recycled!!! 
The Cellophane bags can be put in your compost heap as it is made of vegetable starch!!!

With regards to postage, all orders unless international will be shipped to you via Royal Mail with proof of postage. 

2nd Class for UK customers
International Standard for other customers

**Please note, for international customers please allow up to 28 days from despatch of your order before notifying me that it’s lost in the post. Then I can contact the postie my end to sort things so that I can resend or refund the item accordingly. Even with 2nd class items to the UK do recommend 3-5 days as Items sometimes get held up in the post.

If you have any questions feel free to message me here or DM me on Instagram @lazycreative_ 

Stay Lazy,
Holly X

Washi tape pictured is courtesy of Nutmeg and Arlo.

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