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PREORDER Collectable Sorting Hat - Mystery Grab Bag

PREORDER Collectable Sorting Hat - Mystery Grab Bag


Grab yourself a collectable sorting hat or 3 or 5! Its up to you but you can collect them all! The mystery grab bags will come in sizes of 1,3 and 5 so you can grab as many or as little as you'd like and there is even a Facebook page to show off your collection and trade them for others too! 

Each grab bag will have a folded book with your pins in and also a picture of what you can collect. And with this you will also receive an A6 velvet covered backing card to show them off in your collection.

THIS IS A PREORDER! If you wish to buy other pins and don’t want to wait for the preorders to come in then please order these separately to the preorder pins. Please be aware that preorders can take 1-3 months to make and send out depending on the time of year as the holiday seasons can cause delays due to high demand.