Opening Soon

Hi everyone!

I've shut up shop for some very needed updates. I will be emailing everyone and updatingg here with whats going on. It's been a hard year for me personally which will all be explained soon.

Anyone waiting on post or hasn't heard back from me yet. I am looking into and sorting through mail for everyone. So please bare with. I understand I haven't handled contact very with you all very well, but please be assured that I am sorting out all post and lost post and you will recieve a mass generic email confirming when this has been completed and also a personal one too for your specific orders.

I apologise wholeheartedly for how I have handled things this year. I am using this very needed update to sort everything out and come back bigger, better and stronger. I will be posting and emailing everyone with an update of whats been going on and I will lay my heart on my sleeve and be 100% about what has been going on behind the scenes and why the original time off had been extended until now.

Holly X

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